Our mission:

 Inspiring people to live their heart’s purpose 


When we are inspired and empowered to live our heart’s purpose, life aligns and feels easy and more joyful. We can breathe freely and be at peace.

Our Method:

We share ideas and create beautiful jewelry to inspire the best in people. We believe that inspiring each of us to live our deepest heart’s desire and purpose with joy, contributes to the healing & cultivation of a better world for all.

“My hope is to inspire a sense of well-being & inner peace that translates to a better life for all. I create and share Sankalpa to help us remember & live meaningful and joyful lives. 


Sankalpa® jewelry is life changing because wearing our personal intentions & prayers close to our heart is a constant reminder of what we love & of what is important to us.


May it awaken your passion & strengthen your resolve to live fully & authentically.”  Sigal IMG_0060

Sigal Brier, the creator of Sankalpa®, is an artist, coach, inspirational teacher, rabbi, and musician with training in psychology, art, integrative methods, and holistic lifestyle. She presented at TED, was featured on CBS Sunday Morning News and several National Public Radio talk shows.

She dedicates her life to sharing methods and inspiring people to live their heart’s purpose.


Zigizen is available at

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health    

Whole Foods Market

Gift stores, Yoga studios, Wellness and counseling centers

Our Name

Zigizen is made up of of two part and captures our philosophy.

Zigi expresses the naturally playful aspect of us which is creative, spontaneous, carefree, and trusting. Like a child giggling and enjoying a silly moment.

Zen is for the focused attention we bring to our work at each moment. Zen is how we nurture our creative nature with mindfulness and attending to details.


When we  bring zigi and zen together it express the harmony and balance between, nature and nurture. Enjoying playfulness and creativity while engaging it with a focused, mindful attention. And the intention of this interplay results for us in freedom of expression, spontaneity, and excellence.


scroll logo red black2013


       Our Designs


In our Jewelry we play with making 3D vessels that combine the elements of spheres and circles, and the element of scrolls. Containers and spheres harmonize and help round the jagged edges of life, and inspire a sense of comfort and a feeling of being home. The paper scroll, inscribed with your ever changing and dynamic messages and affirmations, reside in the round wombs.

 C i r c l e s, sphere, are the feminine aspects, which embody protection, safety, empowerment, and nourishment, expressing the universal & whole.

S c r o l l s, are the masculine aspects, and they embody the principle of personal power, originality, uniqueness, expressing the particular & personal.

The open designs leave the scroll open and exposed to interact with the environment to remind us to stay open & present to our dynamic and beautiful lives.

Feel free change the scroll as your life changes, to reflect exactly what we need and want to be close to our hearts.