Three Steps

to Your Heart’s Purpose

“Your heart is your most reliable compass. Listen to your heart and let your heart’s desire be your north.”   ~Sigal


The Steps:

Listen to your heart’s wisdom




“Translate your desires and priorities into specific and genuine commitments.”

~Richard Miller PhD

1. Listen to your heart’s wisdom

What is your heart whispering to you? Can you hear it?

Take a moment each day to listen to your heart to uncover your intentions, heartfelt desires, wishes, and dreams.

The action of listening in will nurture a relationship between your heart, your mind, your body, and your life.

Sit with your eyes closed, relax your muscles, notice your breath, attune to your heart, perceive, feel, and wait.

Listen carefully and be aware of your feelings, sensations, and thoughts and take note of them.

This time of undisturbed listening and reflecting allows you to hear your heart’s purpose, get in touch with your feelings, and what you most desire in your life.

2. Intend

A short phrase or sentence, clearly and concisely expressed, remembered and repeated often, will bring about a positive change in your life.

Begin to form positive statements of your intentions and wishes. Write those that speak to you most at this moment on the enclosed pparchment in positive terms in the present tense; as if they are already fulfilled.

Discern what needs to written into your scroll today. Write a message from your heart on the scroll and tuck it into a Sankalpa pendant.


3. Live

Imagine how life would be when it is guided by your heart’s purpose.

Once you inscribe your wishes, affirmations, intentions, and inspirations, tuck them into your Sankalpa and keep them close to your heart as a reminder of your heart’s purpose throughout your day, everyday.

  • Pause several times during the day
    • Remember your intentions and wishes
    • Take a breath to feel the alignment you are creating with the aspirations of your heart
    •  Live it more and more each day

“When your commitments to your life are always physically with you, they are not easily forgotten.” ~Sigal

Or you can simply write:

  •  a wish or an inspiration to a friend. (Examples: Your career is taking off in the direction of your dreams. I believe in you. You can do it! I got your back.)
  •  a wish, an inspiration, or a mantra for yourself. (Examples: I am attracting the friends I desire. I am living my heart’s purpose. Om Nama Shivaya. Thy will be done.)
  • a quality you want to cultivate in your life. (Examples: patience, peace, acceptance, health, well-being, clarity.)
  • a vow or agreement written alone or together with another and kept in Sankalpas close to both your hearts. (Examples: commitment to a healthy diet, exercise, stop unhealthy behavior, staying positive, & avoiding negative self talk.)