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Intend with Sankalpa | Sankalpa by Zigizen












“When your heart speaks, take good notes.”

~Judith Campbell


A short phrase or sentence, clearly and concisely expressed, remembered and repeated often, will bring about a positive change in your life.



  • If you desire to make more money, you can write: I am engaged in meaningful work and making the income I need.
  • If you hunger for love, you can write: I am attracting new friends and loving relationships.
  • If you wish to have better health or lose weight, you can write: I keep my commitments to living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a healthy diet.


From Life Journal into Intending:

When you make a commitment to have a relationship with your heart, it is important to make time to feel and sense your heart. Then, when the heartfelt desire bubbles up from within, take notes, record your observations. Write freely and without censoring your thoughts and feelings. Let it all be expressed just the way it is. Read over what you wrote and enscroll the most important parts – the parts you want to keep close to your heart.

By clearly defining and focusing on our heart’s intentions, we awaken the willpower within and help unite conscious awareness with unconscious forces lying dormant.

How to write a good intention?

Write with positive words in the present tense and slowly and concisely articulate your best intentions and wishes of your heart. Then finalize your message, roll it up and tuck it into your Sankalpa pendant. At any time, touch the pendant and whisper your words back to yourself to awaken and remind yourself to live your heart’s purpose.

“Translate your desires and priorities into specific and genuine commitments.” ~Richard Miller PhD

The paper scroll is the bridge to living your heart’s purpose and is the central element that connects intention to action. Carry your intentions and wishes with you daily, change or refine the message as needed, and prominently display your spirit in an harmonizing piece of jewelry.


Writing your Sankalpa in your own words expresses your heart’s desire and intentions best, but here are some examples for you to use while you refine your message:

  • I am guided by my heart’s intentions.
  • Others appreciate and love me as I am.
  • I am in loving relationships with my self, others, and the world around me.
  • I express my truth in every moment with love, joy, and compassion.
  • I am healing and moving toward perfect health.
  • I am in a fulfilling career and making the income I need.
  • I live my life trusting, replacing fear with courage and faith.
More Examples



Why Words are Important? Many ancient and contemporary traditions identify the connection between words, utterance, speech, and creating our own reality. The mind is highly receptive to articulated messages and affirmations of the heart when the message is expressed in words.


  • What you write need not be permanent, as you can always change the message as your life evolves.
  • We invite you to inscribe your scroll on a daily basis to reflect your intention of the day, or whenever you are moved. Cut another scroll out of paper of your choice,  according to the measure to the scroll you have, anytime you need.
  • Share. You may want to write a wish or inspiration for a friend and have them write one for you.
  • Wear your Snakapa and keep it in your purse or pocket, bedside, or desk.